A Glorious Tribute To Ancient India - Gandharva

The word ‘Gandharva’ is mentioned in the two greatest & the most honored ancient manuscripts of this world i.e. Rigveda and Jandavesta. We at Janaharsha endeavor to revive the forgotten concept of the divine and blissful Gandharva. Janaharsha presents with pride Gandharva, a resort that tributes and signifies ancient India’s glory & vibrancy!

Here are a few thrilling features of the epic – Gandharva:

• Uchchaisrava (multi-cuisine restaurant)
• Kishkindha (Valley Park)
• Bhavana (meditation hall)
• Nakshatra (amphitheatre)
• Pushpaka (leisure house)
• Sanjeevani (Ayurveda massage parlor)
• Airavata (conference hall)
• Garuda (revolving restaurant)
• Mayura (cafeteria)
• Manasa (boating lake)
• Vijaya (rock climbing)
• Vasanta (cottages)
• Yuva (indoor games complex)
• Yagnasthali (library cum reading hall)

Witness the exquisiteness of Gandharva, ordained to transform the inheritance of Indian resorts.

Gandharva Resort
Gandharva Janaharsha Group
gandharva 5

• Jalatarang (swimming pool)
• Taal Setu (toddy bridge)
• Mantra DHARA (water fall)
• Angkaar (entrance complex)
• Hampi (fountain) YODHA (gymnasium)
• Borobudur (fountain)
• Enugula Madugu (elephant’s pond)

Gandharva Dream City 2
Janaharsha Group
Janaharsha Dream City 2

• Chandamama (children play place)
• Vikrama (sports stadium)
• Bhetala Bilam (natural caves)
• Patala Jalam (mystic pond)
• Pedarasi Peddamma Illu (coffee den)
• Ajanta (art gallery)
• Palapunta (event place)