Get Encouraged! Refashion your yard with unconventional ideas

Are you in a quest of landscaping ideas to give your grounds a brand new look? Well, Janaharsha Group has got you covered. Whether you implement some or all of these landscaping ideas, these will surely do up your back and front yard.

Go for tiled paversPaver

You can smarten up your walkway by neatly trimming the blossoming grass surrounding it. Also, by growing inflorescent flowers you can make the area even more enchanting. However, keep the setting shipshape by weeding out those weeds as soon as they appear.

Go for planting that serves dual purpose

This trick is quite handy. Put in plants that serve a dual purpose. For example, plant an espaliered apple tree, which will also maintain privacy from the neighbours and also create attention-grabbing scenery; and in spring, provides a yield of mouth-watering apples.

Use assorted materials

Usually, people have numerous landscaping ideas for plants and lesser for their non-plant resources. You can easily add plentiful interest to your patio by including quite a few gardening materials. The ultimate lawn-like-feel and cut flagstones endow with a pleasing contrast alongside downy beach pebbles.

Island beds

Mounting an island bed that floats in your courtyard is a distinctive landscaping idea. Furthermore, you can make island beds even more attractive by uplifting from the centre of the yard.

Heighten up with planters and baskets

Are you bored stiff of your one-dimensional home? So try to get shot of your one-dimensional landscape design. Add beautiful, alluring layers to your yard with high-ceilinged planters and hanging baskets. This approach will surely enhance visual interest with nominal effort.

Nowadays more and more homeowners are spending time or money in revamping their back and front yards. So what are you waiting for? Make your lawn look ravishing without stressing much on you budget.


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