Simple Yet Wonderful Ideas To Make Your Home Look Brighter

Yellow being a vivid colour has always been in negations. In different cultures, yellow is associated with several notions & feelings. For example, in Asian culture, Yellow denotes happiness, and is considered as an auspicious colour. Conversely, in the West, yellow is linked with jealousy and rancor. This colour means different things to different people, but it is one of the brightest colours that attract a lot of attention. Here are some ways to inculcate diverse shades of yellow for a pleasant interior décor.

Accent Yellow For Your Dining Room

Yellow is such a bright colour that it naturally comes under notice. If you are not confident with overwhelming the decor with yellow, use minor hints of yellow. For example, put in a small feature like a yellow corner table or a flower pot in your dining room which will right away upgrade the look without being over the top.

Touch Of Yellow For Your Kitchen


Kitchens should always be a joyful and spotless place. It is a place where food is prepared. A dash of yellow can add a twist to your kitchen. You can add a stylish yellow dishware or a yellow piece of art to your kitchen decor to make it look more ravishing.

Centre Of Attraction

Yellow colour catches the attention of many if placed skillfully. It generally looks amazing almost everywhere, be it a yellow cushion on your purple sofa or yellow ottoman added next to your sofa set. However, you can tactically set it yellow to make it a focal point. For instance, a yellow table against a blue backdrop can look quite impressive.

For A New Start

When it comes to home décor, door and window colours are often left unnoticed. Though, if you think practically, it is a doorway to let your creativity flow in. You can paint your doors and windows with a milder shade of yellow that will look pleasant and welcoming.

Allow the sunshine make a way into your how with these simple yet wonderful ideas that will enhance the decor of your house immensely.


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