A guide to do up your dining table by setting the runners right

Janaharsha Group

A dining table is an important piece of furniture at home. It’s where everybody at home gathers and has conservations. The interior designers at Janaharsha Group believe that dining tables should be inviting.

Doing up the dining tables is a great way to create a point of attraction in the dining room. The designers pointed out that table runners are an all-star. Available in myriad hues, sizes, colors and textiles, these simple table decorations tips can pep up your dining table.

The experts at Janaharsha Group have listed the guidelines that’ll make you a pro in setting the table runners. Take a look:

·        The Basics:

To make the table visually appealing, let the runner hang over each side from the end. Table runners which are of the same drop length as the tablecloth are the best. Its measurement can vary from 6-12 inches. The width should be one-third of the table’s width.

·        The Size:

It is advisable to measure the length and width of the table before buying the runner. You can add a minimum of 12 inches and a maximum of 24 inches to the length of your table runner, as per your preference.

·        Blend other table linens:

Be it for their fabric, color, pattern or texture, placing table linens that complement the runners can be a great idea. However, it largely depends on the kind of setting you are aiming for.

·        Formal or Informal:

For formal occasions, table runners of fabrics with smooth, shiny textures such as silk, satin, organza and polyester are the best option. For informal occasions, runners in fabrics with natural, coarse or dense textures such as, twill, bamboo, grass cloth and cotton, can give a clever touch to the setting.

·        Be Creative:

Instead of sticking to the ordinary, you can go a bit creative with the setting of the runners. Placing two of them across the table in ‘X’ shape, two together in a perpendicular cross meeting at the middle, or three together in the width of the table, can all be a visual treat, making your table stand out. To give a unique look, you can place a centerpiece on top of the runner or at the intersection.

Table runners might seem insignificant, but can play a significant role in enhancing the decor of the dining space.