8 creatively insane ideas to decorate the wall behind a sofa

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You might be thinking: “Who wants to decorate the wall behind a sofa?” With a fancy wall art on the most visible part of your living room, that compliments the sofa, customized shades of character can beautify your house in an almost magical way.

Here are eight creative ideas from interior experts at Janaharsha Estates N Constructions to experiment with:

Visual art

Got a favorite music artist, painter, quotes, or your clicked photographs? Form a pattern with framed pictures and decorate the wall with some of your best life stories. This is one of the most preferred decors in today’s time as it enhance the ‘personal touch’ quotient and makes for great conversations.

Paint it Paper

Wallpaper makes it second in the list, majorly because of the endless varieties available in the market. Flowers, trees, artistic designs – name it and you have ample of choices to select from. In the end, your room will appear to be soaked in the shade of common dominant colors of the wallpaper and sofa.

Game of Dimensions

3-D art works have recently become an integral part of interior décor in recent times. Horse, deer, or giraffe head’s wooden pieces can be fixed on the wall to showcase your subtle, minimal, and ‘animal lover’ side. The ideal color combinations include mustard yellow, white, light green, and black.

Organization Disorder

How about a wall-sized wooden shelve? Organize your showpieces, books, travel souvenirs, and other essentials to bring out a stylish and artistic derivative of organized décor. Experts at Janaharsha Estates N Constructions suggest that it is essential to have a contrast between the sofa and shelve color.

The messy side of you

Don’t like organized? Messy, it is then!

Hang in varying sizes of photos, quotes, your favorite movie poster, along with fancy accessories. This creates a unique, decorative appeal of the room. You can also use artificial light sources around the wall for a better effect.

Aesthetic Cavity

Textbook wall decoration technique. Carve spaces in the wall and put up aesthetic artifacts or small pot plant to bring out a cultural aura in the room. For the best look, match the wall and sofa color while incorporating a vibrant color in the carved space.


Blend the nature outside with your interior decoration. Use mirrors of varying sizes, but same shapes and let the greenery and sunlight add the beauty to your living room.

T  for texture

Waves, diamonds, cubes, or squares, select a texture that compliments your sofa and brings out an intense outlook to the room.

Note: Do not finalize the texture without considering the light sources in the room, natural as well as artificial.


Implemented any of these? Fill the comment section below with your favorite contrasts and run-time experience!  


brighten up the bedroom

Brighten up the bedroom

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When it is time to sleep, the darker your area, the higher. Light interrupts the brain’s production of cortisol, the hormone responsible for regulating the sleep cycle. But imagine if your bedroom is dark during the daytime? It’s a frequent problem but one usually hard to solve structurally as the common causes–few windows, windows facing north, windows shaded by outside trees or structures–are not readily fixed without major remodeling.

But don’t despair: you aren’t doomed to dwell in a bedroom that looks a cave, nor do you have to violate your budget and employ a contractor. There are decorating suggestions that may bring light into even the gloomiest bedroom.

Bring in Extra Light

If a bedroom isn’t receiving enough natural light, then you definitely will have to present light your self. But don’t set one lamp on your nightstand and call it done. Having one light source creates a lot of shadows, giving your bedroom a creepy overall look and leaving the distance outside the lamp’s ring of lighting as dark as ever. Instead, light your room with two, and three, sources of lighting.

You are always going to require a ribbon on the nightstand or mounted on the wall near your bed, of course when you share your bed, then you will want a lamp on each side. Add into this a ceiling fixture if possible–move with a ceiling fan and then have double the benefit: a cooling breeze for sexy summer nights and a tiled bedroom and another lamp positioned around the room, instead of on a diagonal, from your bedside light.

Make the next lamp a floor lamp to get additional interest.

Choose Your Wall Color Wisely

It appears counter-intuitive, however, if the bedroom is dark, white walls are maybe not the best solution. While light colours can assist a little room to appear bigger, they aren’t so great at making a darkened room feel brighter. White and other light colours appear bright and pleasant if reflecting light, but in a room without sufficient lighting, there isn’t enough light to reflect.

This causes the light walls to take on a grey, shadowed hue, leaving the colour dim and uninteresting.

As an alternative, choose a richly packed, mid-tone paint colour for your walls. You can go somewhat bright in the event that you desire. In a darkened area, the bright colour will lose intensity, and also the mid-tone colour will look a little darker. Deeper colours do not rely on accent lighting to look their best the way lighter tones do and consume shadows, so your walls will include warmth and colour into the bedroom. Beautiful, darkened, deep hues of blue, green, grey or even purple will be perfect for creating the relaxing feeling you want in a bedroom.

Mirrors Do Double Duty

A large mirror in the sack is essential no matter light degrees –you are interested in being able to check your costume from head to toe before moving out to the afternoon. In a bedroom with minimal light, however, a mirror additionally works to reflect whatever light is there, and also adds some shine to space, dispelling some of the gloom. If at all possible, hang the mirror across from the window which lets in the maximum natural lighting to additional rebound light across space.

A dim bedroom isn’t the place for heavy draperies or window coverings which filter exactly what little natural lighting might otherwise reach the area.

As an alternative, utilize absolute draperies over a blind that you can lower for privacy at night, or use blinds on their particular for an informal style. Stick to light window coverings to bring some contrast against the walls that are solid.

Bedding and Accessories Should Add Contrast

In a dark room, furniture and accessories can evaporate into the gloom in the event that you aren’t attentive. In case you paint your walls a saturated mid-tone or vivid shade, add a comparison with furniture at a moderate finish and finish the sawing effect with bedding and accessories in white or another light colour. This produces the most of the room’s limited lighting and gives enough contrast to keep matters interesting.

Space which receives little natural light doesn’t have to be a bad thing–it stays cooler in the summer and doesn’t wake you up with a glaring sun on those joyful weekend mornings when you wish to sleep late night.

But absence of light can produce an area gloomy. When remodeling isn’t an alternative, try the tricks here as an alternative to raise the brightness of one’s bedroom.

Decor Advice

A guide to do up your dining table by setting the runners right

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A dining table is an important piece of furniture at home. It’s where everybody at home gathers and has conservations. The interior designers at Janaharsha Group believe that dining tables should be inviting.

Doing up the dining tables is a great way to create a point of attraction in the dining room. The designers pointed out that table runners are an all-star. Available in myriad hues, sizes, colors and textiles, these simple table decorations tips can pep up your dining table.

The experts at Janaharsha Group have listed the guidelines that’ll make you a pro in setting the table runners. Take a look:

·        The Basics:

To make the table visually appealing, let the runner hang over each side from the end. Table runners which are of the same drop length as the tablecloth are the best. Its measurement can vary from 6-12 inches. The width should be one-third of the table’s width.

·        The Size:

It is advisable to measure the length and width of the table before buying the runner. You can add a minimum of 12 inches and a maximum of 24 inches to the length of your table runner, as per your preference.

·        Blend other table linens:

Be it for their fabric, color, pattern or texture, placing table linens that complement the runners can be a great idea. However, it largely depends on the kind of setting you are aiming for.

·        Formal or Informal:

For formal occasions, table runners of fabrics with smooth, shiny textures such as silk, satin, organza and polyester are the best option. For informal occasions, runners in fabrics with natural, coarse or dense textures such as, twill, bamboo, grass cloth and cotton, can give a clever touch to the setting.

·        Be Creative:

Instead of sticking to the ordinary, you can go a bit creative with the setting of the runners. Placing two of them across the table in ‘X’ shape, two together in a perpendicular cross meeting at the middle, or three together in the width of the table, can all be a visual treat, making your table stand out. To give a unique look, you can place a centerpiece on top of the runner or at the intersection.

Table runners might seem insignificant, but can play a significant role in enhancing the decor of the dining space.

Janaharsha Group - DIY

5 Hacks by Janaharsha Estates interior experts to brighten up your dining space

Janaharsha Group

One of the most used spaces in a house is the dining area.

Designers at Janaharsha Estates believe that eating space holds a lot of importance, and therefore it is essential to style it accurately. A well-designed dining place is capable of exhibiting a taste of fine aesthetics and elegance. It must be warm and welcoming, where people can gather, dine and discuss.

Interior designers at Janaharsha say that a visually decent eating space is not just about placing dining table and chairs with some fancy cutleries. Along with a well-functional space, certain impressive additions and modifications are necessary to make the area stand out from all the others. The designers have laid out certain hacks that are smart, yet simple for the modification of the dining area. Let’s find out:

1.      Rugs and slipcovers

To infuse vibrancy to the eating space, give the dining chairs a makeover from regular to ornate look. Opting slipcovers with beautiful patterns and style can instantly up the ante. Moreover, rugs can be the easiest way to give a unique look to dining spaces. They can be a great way to delineate the eating area from adjoining spaces. You can pick both of these in different prints, colors and hues.

2.      Wall art

To givea personal touch to the dining room, choose artworks that speak about your personality. The décor can be elevated by hanging quirky paintings, illustrations, or framed photographs can be a great option. However, the most trending pattern is the series paintings, depicting a single picture in parts. You can also go for a mini blackboard to scribble menu, recipes or drawings.

3.      Indoor Plants

Giving a very congenial ambience, natural elements become the best option to incorporate in any part of the house. To give a fresh and positive spin to the seating setup, plants and flowers can be placed in the corners, or be used as centerpieces. This will display a plethora of patterns and lift the mood of the dining area.

4.      Contemporary lightings

Designers most often don’t pay attention to the ceiling of the dining rooms. A simple way to do these spaces is through lighting fixtures. Lighting is crucial to perk up the interiors. Unlike chandeliers, more contemporary lightings—cascading bulbs, lanterns and pendant lights—are used for making the space more dramatic. These are sleek lighting options that act as a beautiful focal point in the space.

5.      Mirrors

Add more drama to your dining space by creating an illusion of a bigger space through mirrors of different shapes. Add depth to the narrower spaces by adding tall mirrors, or add mirrored panels to efficiently use the length of large dining spaces.

These decorating tips by the designers at Janaharsha Estates are pocket-friendly, and easy to incorporate. Follow these décor ideas to create interesting patterns throughout the dining space.

Low Cost maintenance

5 Stylish But Low-cost Residing Room Concepts

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Living rooms are our greatest companion once we need to loosen up and watch TV or learn or do different actions after a protracted day at work. However typically we would become bored with the identical surrounding and wish a refreshing change round us. Not at all times we would get time from our schedule or have a really big finances to fully change the décor. For this, we will make some minor modifications round which might be stylish and low cost and received’t take a lot of our time. Following are a number of front room concepts that may make it easier to rejuvenate your area.

Re-Organize the Setting

Transferring round your furnishings will acquaint you with totally different components of your abode. By rearranging furnishings objects, you may give a renewed look to your front room. Put your couch by the window or desk within the nook or different modifications in and round your front room.

Paint a Wall

Select a wall and paint it in a unique color. This fully modifications the aura round your front room and brightens up the area complementing different furnishings and residential decor objects.

Store out of your House

Going out to the shop and buying in your front room is old-fashioned. As an alternative of doing that, wander by way of your own home and scrounge dwelling décor objects from different rooms. This idea of borrowing will mild up the area very quickly. You should use couch chairs, lamps, work and different issues to deliver a couple of change.

Herald Crops

An effective way to enliven an area is so as to add components of greenery. Adorn your dwelling space with crops and stems in good wanting pots and vessels.

Books – Our Finest Buddy

Convey out the books and make your area look stunning. They’re simple, low cost and a stack of books provides color to the room with none effort. Replenish area with books and save a buck as an alternative of going for costly ornamental issues.

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6 Methods To Revamp The Bed room In 2018

Janaharsha Group

2018 is right here and so are new traits, new colors and a contemporary house décor. And what higher time than New 12 months’s to revamp your private area. This new 12 months’s, redecorate your non-public retreat, “The Bed room” and let it bloom with type. Bedroom is a private area the place one can revive themselves and really feel at peace.

Nonetheless, not everybody thinks alike. Some individuals like their bed room to be a enjoyable place the place they’ll recharge themselves with positivity or creativity. Some additionally have a tendency to include a working nook of their bed room. Completely different individuals, totally different preferences! Let’s take a look at the a number of methods which can assist you combine the trending types into your bed room décor.


Nothing made a grandeur entry within the bed room than wallpapers. You may create a dramatic look with metallic wallpapers which have intricate detailing & patterns. Steadiness the area with impartial colors and stable headboard. You can too add a female contact to your bed room by including floral patterned curtains and beddings or contemporary flowers beside your mattress.

Fusion of Patterns

Create a enjoyable and full of life environment in your bed room by mixing up numerous patterns. Herald a way of stylish sensibility to your necessities. Add pops of pink or inexperienced, and pair it with wood furnishings for a chic look.


Serenity & Peace

If you would like your bed room to be a spot the place you may obtain nirvana, hold it easy and stylish. You must also know the necessities to create a comfortable bed room. The colors used for wall paints, furnishings and all different décor gadgets should be soothing and may simply mix collectively to create a uniform look. Cream, lilac, aquamarine, and many others. are very talked-about decisions to create a serene bed room.

The Black & White Combo

Fashionable bedrooms are much more than simply the conventional soothing colors. New owners are prepared to take the danger for a stylish and eclectic inside. The proper mixture of black & white develops a harmonic connection that’s sure to look scintillating.

Lovely Shades of Gray

Gray has been trending this 12 months and is without doubt one of the most wanted color for 2017 as nicely. The color gray can be utilized in a number of methods to create numerous appears. As an illustration, you may traditionalise your bed room with darkish gray partitions or add a up to date contact to your area by incorporating metallic gray. The selection is yours!

Blended Metallic

Blended metallic is the most recent development forecasted for 2017. Give your bed room a pure metallic contact by combining numerous colors and textures of metals corresponding to gold, copper, silver, metal, and many others. Bear in mind heat metals pair nicely with heat hues and chilly metals pair nicely with cool hues. You can too add the metals as accent décor.

The Private Contact

It is extremely essential for a person to really feel relaxed and comfy within the bed room. It’s finest to create an surroundings which most accurately fits the individual residing within the room. So, it needs to be your private alternative the place you may really feel and revel in your internal self. Even when one thing shouldn’t be trending, don’t stress! For those who prefer it, then add it and make your bed room your haven. Don’t simply copy mindlessly; Be distinctive be you!


Tips To Give Your Home A Mediterranean Touch • Janaharsha Group

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Mediterranean’? Is it scrumptious seafood, or a premium red wine? Or it perhaps jogs your memory through long seaside walks and swims? “Mediterranean culture has immensely contributed in worlds’ evolution, not just in terms of cultures, but also home decoration.” explains an expert from Janaharsha Group.

The Mediterranean furniture is simple yet stylishly formal. Such interior décor demonstrates simplicity and relaxation together with a nature-aligned life. If you wish to give your home a spanking new change, how about going for the Mediterranean makeover? Janaharsha Group Review some easy ways to enhance your décor with Mediterranean beauty.

Add Multihued Décor Accessories on White Walls

Mediterranean lifestyle focuses on candor with no complications at all. The whitish effect for your walls is a good idea for giving the space some newness and a comforting touch. The white backdrop can be made striking by adding multihued décor accessories for a distinctive touch. If you do not prefer a white backdrop, paint them in any Mediterranean colour. Following the hottest trends, you can even give your walls a Mediterranean effect with paint or wallpaper.

Textural Beauty

Harmonizing the intensity in a pasty room is very important. To draw out this harmonizing act and add depth to the space, include awesome textures. The best way to incorporate texture in a space is including furnishing stuff like curtains, carpets, rugs, cushions etc.

Accessorising Colours

Home accessories like urns, attractive bowls, stunning cushion covers etc. are a great way of giving a vivacious touch of colours to the entire space. However, while adding colours and items to your space make sure it does not look cluttered. Simplicity is the key essence of Mediterranean décor. Experiment with a variety of Mediterranean colours like metallic gold and copper, basic browns, turquoise blue and subtle yellow.


Theme Wooden Articles

Mediterranean décor is based on natural elements, especially the wooden articles. Wood instantly brings warmth and calmness to a space and works superbly around white. Including wooden furniture like a chic coffee table, wall shelves or storage cabinets is a wonderful pick. You can also combine the wooden stuff with some countrified articles like sculptural figures, carved bowls etc.

Le the natural light in

Mediterranean décor is enhanced by the plentiful natural light it receives. Thus, you will have to let the sunlight in through huge windows. Allow the natural light illuminate the décor just like a Mediterranean home.




Stunning Methods To Add Shade Outside Home

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Don’t you like to benefit from the pleasant spring breeze with out getting burned within the solar? Pondering to throw a enjoyable summer occasion however worried that an excessive amount of solar rays can smash your temper and pores and skin. Go away your worries to us, now you may enliven your patio for any climate. Take pleasure in a enjoyable crammed setting with out feeling the scorching solar with these cool outside shade concepts.

Simple Yet Wonderful Ideas To Make Your Home Look Brighter

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Yellow being a vivid colour has always been in negations. In different cultures, yellow is associated with several notions & feelings. For example, in Asian culture, Yellow denotes happiness, and is considered as an auspicious colour. Conversely, in the West, yellow is linked with jealousy and rancor. This colour means different things to different people, but it is one of the brightest colours that attract a lot of attention. Here are some ways to inculcate diverse shades of yellow for a pleasant interior décor.

Basic of Feng Shui

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Feng Shui can be termed as Vastu Shastra of Chinese culture in which Feng means wind and Shui means water. The principles of feng shui are based on ancient art and science that helps us to balance the energy within a space to achieve better health, good fortune, and a successful life. Read on to find out the essentials of Feng Shui while planning to use it for your home.


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