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Renovation: A simple way to transform your living space

Living in a house for years, the residents can feel the need of renovation for multiple reasons. While some choose to renovate their home for creating more space, others simply opt it for their comfort.

Certain projects for revamping a house are also necessary to ensure safety. There can be multiple issues that should be addressed, including electrical issues, roof leakages, or cracks in the foundation.

Most of the times, as the family grows, the space in a house becomes insufficient. Further, it induces lack of organization and dysfunctional rooms. In all such cases, remodelling can prove to be rewarding and profitable.

Updating a room or two, a new addition or even a simple home improvement is a long-term investment in the upgradation of a property. The renovation is necessary to enhance the living environment and the aesthetic of a space.

Benefits of renovating a house

Home improvement services give dwellers a number of reasons to invest in remodelling. These services boast several short-term and long-term benefits to the homeowners. Designers from Janaharsha Estates and Constructions listed these benefits that property owners leverage by investing money in the renovation of their home. Take a look:

  1. Increase in property value: Various simple home improvements can drastically increase the value of a property. A vintage house can be radically improved with just simple retouches, such as modifying the interiors, refreshing the exteriors, or just simply enhancing a small and unused area of the house.
  2. Opportunity to customize: Home renovation gives homeowners an opportunity to create a living space of their own choice. Sometimes, this is the sole reason people decide to renovate. Residents get a chance to have full control over the design of their house. From major to the minor things, renovation helps in customizing a house inside and out.
  3. Ensuring safety: Many people associate home renovation with lavish and visible improvements, such as a fresh coat of paint, redesigned layout, and new colour schemes. The designers from Janaharsha Estates highlighted that the most important benefit of renovating is overlooked by a lot of people, which is upgrading old fixtures and plumbing modern energy models. Apart from ensuring the safety, upgrading the plumbing and fixtures also helps in lowering utility bills.
  4. Avoid relocating: Renovating eliminates the biggest issue of changing the house. The problems in a house prompts a solution of changing a house, but remodeling can save the homeowners from that. Recreating extensively or minimally, both can help in fixing the problems. Besides, it definitely involves costs lower than relocating.
  5. Maximize the space: As a family grows, a house can get cramped. Owing to this, the space in a house can look smaller and unorganized. Home improvement services can breathe a new life into such houses and create more space. Designers at Janaharsha Estates suggest that accurate interior layout, colour scheme and window placement can create illusions of a maximized area even in the cluttered spaces.

Remodelling does not just increase the beauty of a house, but also add increased functionality in the living space of a homeowner. Janaharsha designers are of an opinion that, at an average, homeowners should renovate their house after every 10-15 years. 


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