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an initiative of Janaharsha Publishing Division

Several publications, including those published by contracts which are run by The National Archives, are published in accordance with the standard processes and practices stated by the book publishing industry.

Certain publications are significant from a historic context, whether or not they reflect present policy or practice. One such publication is Vijaya Vihaaram, an initiative of Janaharsha Publishing Division.

Vijaya Vihaaram

The Face of Fearless Journalism

Vijaya Vihaaram, Janaharsha Publishing Division’s bold and distinctive monthly magazine was launched on 30th January 2000 (Martyr’s day i.e. Gandhiji’s Vardhanti Day). Initially, Vijaya Vihaaram had to battle communalism and caste hatred from the masses. Despite of all the hindrances, it managed to stand at the fore front in exposing the corruption and misdeeds of successive regimes & powerful bigwigs in the state.

  • Vijaya Vihaaram’s investigative articles & features on subjects like social transformation, scientific temper, personality development, humanism & patriotism created remarkable impact.


  • By investigating and exposing the biggest ever scams such as IMGB scam, Buridy Cheating Scam, Target 2000 scam, Warangal Dist. Housing Scam, MLA Colony Housing scam etc., Vijaya Vihaaram earned the endearment of Lakhs of its readers along with the wrath of state’s most influential bigwigs.


  • In this process, Vijaya Vihaaram faced ruthless repression, innumerable false allegations, raids, seizures and even physical attacks on its associates. Vijaya Vihaaram proudly stood firm & fought with valor, received support from national & international intelligentsia.

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