4 Pendant Lights That Will Make Your Space Livelier

Being single-light fixtures, pendant lights are hung from the ceiling using a chain, chord or metal rod. They come in an assortment of designs and sizes which adds grace to your home decor. These lights are typically used for decorative lighting purposes; however they are also perfect for accent lighting. Here are some of the basic ones. Have a look!

  1. Mini Pendants

These smallest editions of pendant lights are mainly used to light up isolated work spaces. You can also use several lights arranged together to enlighten kitchen area, hallways, glass top dining tables, etc. They easily become the center of attraction in any space by reinventing the space with their stylish look.

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  1. Multi Light / Track Pendants

Just like their name, multi hanging lights or track pendants are attached to either one master fixture or different fixtures in a pattern. For instance, if you wish to illuminate your kitchen with multiple pendants but you just have a single fixture, a track light is the perfect option in that case. It is an adaptable and trendy way to prettify the home decor.

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  1. Down Light Pendants

Down Light Pendant fixtures are meant to put the spotlight downwards. It is ideal for task lighting to illumine while working in a specific space. Though, it can be used for ambient lighting also.


  1. Drum Pendants

These unique pendant fixtures feature a cylindrical drum shade and compliment the interior of any space. Drum shades are available in a variety of designs, styles, and materials such as glass, linen, paper, and iron. These pendants endow the space with a delightful look. These lights are commonly used for ambient & decorative lighting purposes.

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You can select from a wide range of traditional, contemporary and trendy collections of roof lights that will make your space livelier.


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