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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Mediterranean’? Is it scrumptious seafood, or a premium red wine? Or it perhaps jogs your memory through long seaside walks and swims? “Mediterranean culture has immensely contributed in worlds’ evolution, not just in terms of cultures, but also home decoration.” explains an expert from Janaharsha Group.

The Mediterranean furniture is simple yet stylishly formal. Such interior décor demonstrates simplicity and relaxation together with a nature-aligned life. If you wish to give your home a spanking new change, how about going for the Mediterranean makeover? Janaharsha Group Review some easy ways to enhance your décor with Mediterranean beauty.

Add Multihued Décor Accessories on White Walls

Mediterranean lifestyle focuses on candor with no complications at all. The whitish effect for your walls is a good idea for giving the space some newness and a comforting touch. The white backdrop can be made striking by adding multihued décor accessories for a distinctive touch. If you do not prefer a white backdrop, paint them in any Mediterranean colour. Following the hottest trends, you can even give your walls a Mediterranean effect with paint or wallpaper.

Textural Beauty

Harmonizing the intensity in a pasty room is very important. To draw out this harmonizing act and add depth to the space, include awesome textures. The best way to incorporate texture in a space is including furnishing stuff like curtains, carpets, rugs, cushions etc.

Accessorising Colours

Home accessories like urns, attractive bowls, stunning cushion covers etc. are a great way of giving a vivacious touch of colours to the entire space. However, while adding colours and items to your space make sure it does not look cluttered. Simplicity is the key essence of Mediterranean décor. Experiment with a variety of Mediterranean colours like metallic gold and copper, basic browns, turquoise blue and subtle yellow.


Theme Wooden Articles

Mediterranean décor is based on natural elements, especially the wooden articles. Wood instantly brings warmth and calmness to a space and works superbly around white. Including wooden furniture like a chic coffee table, wall shelves or storage cabinets is a wonderful pick. You can also combine the wooden stuff with some countrified articles like sculptural figures, carved bowls etc.

Le the natural light in

Mediterranean décor is enhanced by the plentiful natural light it receives. Thus, you will have to let the sunlight in through huge windows. Allow the natural light illuminate the décor just like a Mediterranean home.





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