8 creatively insane ideas to decorate the wall behind a sofa

You might be thinking: “Who wants to decorate the wall behind a sofa?” With a fancy wall art on the most visible part of your living room, that compliments the sofa, customized shades of character can beautify your house in an almost magical way.

Here are eight creative ideas from interior experts at Janaharsha Estates N Constructions to experiment with:

Visual art

Got a favorite music artist, painter, quotes, or your clicked photographs? Form a pattern with framed pictures and decorate the wall with some of your best life stories. This is one of the most preferred decors in today’s time as it enhance the ‘personal touch’ quotient and makes for great conversations.

Paint it Paper

Wallpaper makes it second in the list, majorly because of the endless varieties available in the market. Flowers, trees, artistic designs – name it and you have ample of choices to select from. In the end, your room will appear to be soaked in the shade of common dominant colors of the wallpaper and sofa.

Game of Dimensions

3-D art works have recently become an integral part of interior décor in recent times. Horse, deer, or giraffe head’s wooden pieces can be fixed on the wall to showcase your subtle, minimal, and ‘animal lover’ side. The ideal color combinations include mustard yellow, white, light green, and black.

Organization Disorder

How about a wall-sized wooden shelve? Organize your showpieces, books, travel souvenirs, and other essentials to bring out a stylish and artistic derivative of organized décor. Experts at Janaharsha Estates N Constructions suggest that it is essential to have a contrast between the sofa and shelve color.

The messy side of you

Don’t like organized? Messy, it is then!

Hang in varying sizes of photos, quotes, your favorite movie poster, along with fancy accessories. This creates a unique, decorative appeal of the room. You can also use artificial light sources around the wall for a better effect.

Aesthetic Cavity

Textbook wall decoration technique. Carve spaces in the wall and put up aesthetic artifacts or small pot plant to bring out a cultural aura in the room. For the best look, match the wall and sofa color while incorporating a vibrant color in the carved space.


Blend the nature outside with your interior decoration. Use mirrors of varying sizes, but same shapes and let the greenery and sunlight add the beauty to your living room.

T  for texture

Waves, diamonds, cubes, or squares, select a texture that compliments your sofa and brings out an intense outlook to the room.

Note: Do not finalize the texture without considering the light sources in the room, natural as well as artificial.


Implemented any of these? Fill the comment section below with your favorite contrasts and run-time experience!  



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